Visiting Students

Fourth year medical students  who have successfully completed all of their major clerkships and who are from schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) may participate in visiting student electives offered at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Visiting students may participate in fourth year electives only. 

Please note that no student will be considered for scheduling until their applications are complete including immunizations with titers.

Most rotations are four weeks long and begin either the first day of the month (unless this day falls on a weekend), or on the first working Monday of the month. All Department of Medicine rotations start on the first day of the month (unless it is a weekend day) or the 16th of the month. Visiting students may stay for up to eight weeks without charge.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our course catalogs are not fully updated until February 15th of any academic year.  We begin to review applications on February 15, 2020.  We will not begin scheduling visiting students until our fourth year lottery is complete which is May 11, 2020, with the exception of the competitive rotations below that will begin accepting applicants immediately.

  • Surgery – Urology
  •  Surgery – ENT
  • Orthopedics
  • Ophthalmology

Any questions or concerns regarding our visiting student program should directed to


To be eligible to participate in Pritzker School of Medicine Visiting Student Electives, students must:

  • Be in their final year of medical school.
  • Must have Malpractice Insurance of $1,000,000 per instance and $3,000,000 aggregate.  There is NO exception to this.
  • Should have successfully completed all prerequisites listed on the application for the desired third year rotations (as per your medical school's requirements) prior to participating in the elective.  While we realize that medical school clerkship requirements vary widely from school to school, we use our clerkship requirements as a guideline for consideration of visiting student applicants. Clerkship time flexibility is at the discretion of the departments.

Medicine - 8 weeks
Surgery - 8 weeks
Pediatrics - 6 weeks
OB-GYN - 6 weeks
Psychiatry - 4 weeks
Family Medicine - 4 weeks
Neurology - 4 weeks

  • Be English language proficient and able to give oral clinical presentations.
  • Students from Canadian and Israeli (Ben Gurion and Sackler only) schools must email to obtain an application packet. The packet will include a required standardized immunization medical form from AAMC and you must also include your titers (in English) when you submit your application materials. Each student will receive a decision via email once the departments have made their scheduling decisions.

Students are required to apply for their desired rotation six weeks in advance. Applications will be processed for July 1 through May 31 beginning April 1 of the current academic year. Please note that we do not schedule visiting students during the month of June during any academic year. The application deadline for the final three month period of each academic year is February 28 of any year.

Please do not call to check availability. Rotations will be given on a first-come, first-served basis to students who submit a fully completed application including immunization records. Calling to check availability will not guarantee a spot in a desired rotation. Applicants will be notified via email if their application is accepted.

Should you need to contact us for any other reason, you may email

Immunizations and Labs Required

All visiting students must provide proof of immunity to Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, German Measles (Rubella), and Hepatitis B, Varicella, and Tetanus/Diphtheria. Blood titers are required for Measles, Mumps, German Measles and Hepatitis B. All students must also have a PPD within a year of the date of their rotation. All visiting students must have had a flu vaccine and screening for exposure to tuberculosis.

Immunization titers as well as a AAMC Standardized Immunization Form must be completed and uploaded to VSAS. Any immunizations needed upon arrival will be at the visiting student's expense. If you have had mask-fit testing, you may get it confirmed with VSLO.  If you have a confirmation of mask fit, it can be loaded with your immunization records on VSAS.  Providing the certificate ahead of time saves you some steps during orientation.  Please note that your application will not be considered for scheduling until it is complete with all required documents including your immunizations.

Students from LCME-Accredited U.S. Schools

To apply to our institution, please complete a VSAS application for your preferred electives and dates. For more information on VSAS, please visit or contact VSAS at (202) 478-9878.

Students from LCME-Accredited Canadian Schools

Students from Canadian schools must email visiting.pritzker@bsd.uchicago.eduto obtain an application packet. The packet will include the standardized AAMC Immunization form and you must also include your titers when you submit your application materials. Each student will receive a decision via email once the departments have made their scheduling decisions.

Students from Ben Gurion or Sackler Schools of Medicine

Students from Ben Gurion and Sackler SOM must email to obtain an application packet. The packet will include the standardized AAMC Immunization form and you must also include your titers when you submit your application materials. Each student will receive a decision via email once the departments have made their scheduling decisions.

Academic Credit

  1. Visiting students may not receive both compensation and elective credit for the same clinical elective experience
  2. The visiting student's stay at the University will in no way constitute matriculation at the University of Chicago
  3. The visiting student must arrange to receive academic credit from the parent institution for work completed at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Malpractice Insurance

  1. Visiting students must have Malpractice Insurance of $1,000,000 insurance and $3,000,000 aggregate.
  2. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement.


Visiting students may stay eight weeks without charge. If additional elective experience(s) are desired beyond the two months, the visiting student must apply for extended privileges and will incur a fee of $5,264 (subject to change) per additional four week period. Visiting students may stay a maximum of sixteen weeks.

English Language Proficiency

Visiting students must be proficient in English and able to conduct oral examinations. Students accepted for clerkships who are not proficient in English will be asked to leave the clerkship at the end of the first week and return to their home school. A confirmation of this dismissal will be sent to the home institution.


Once accepted for an elective, the visiting student is expected to honor that commitment. Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing by letter or email to the Visiting Student Coordinator no later than four weeks prior to the start of the clerkship.

Arrival & Check-Out

  1. On the first day of the elective, visiting students will report for a short orientation provided by PSOM. Emergency Medicine students will need to report to orientation by 7:30 a.m. The exact time and location for the orientation will be provided to you in an email three to four days prior to your arrival. During orientation, students receive their PSOM security clearance, pay their health services fee, and complete final documentation required for their rotation. In addition to your PSOM clearance letter, a visiting student will receive a second clearance letter from our Student Health Service which will enable the visiting student to receive his/her temporary hospital identification card.
  2. Visiting Students must pay a $26.00 University of Chicago student health service fee for outpatient care. This fee can be paid by money order, personal check or cashier's check. Please make the check payable to the "University of Chicago." Cash or credit/debit card transactions are not accepted.
  3. At the completion of the elective, visiting students must return their temporary hospital ID to the ID Station or the visiting student coordinator.

White Coats

Visiting Students will be expected to supply their own white coats if required for their clerkship rotation.


Housing is not provided for visiting students. Below are some housing resources in the medical center area. While we do not sponsor or endorse any of these sites except for our own properties, we have gathered the resources below based on feedback from other students.  Please use caution, especially with your confidential information, when planning your short term housing. We can provide the following suggestions:


Parking is available in the medical center parking garage (currently at the rate of $20.00 for 6-24 hours, or valet parking at $20.00 for 6-24 hours). The parking office numbers are (773) 702-4381 or (773) 702-8969. Street parking is also available on a limited basis.

Needlestick Procedures

If you are exposed to blood or other infectious material,

  1. Clean and decontaminate
  2. Page the Needlestick hotline (188-9990) immediately
  3. Inform your supervisor
  4. Follow the instructions of the UC Occupational Medicine Clinician (CLI L156)

If there are expenses related to treatment of a needlestick injury, the visiting student's health insurance will be billed and the visiting student should work directly with their home school's Dean of Students' Office.

2020-21 Clerkship Catalog available as of February 15, 2020


The Underrepresented in Medicine Visiting Clerkship Program (UIMVCP) is co-sponsored by the University of Chicago Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, and the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics and Surgery as a supplement to our regular Visiting Clerkship Program (listed above). This competitive program provides mentoring, networking, and stipend support for URiM, fourth-year students participating in the Visiting Clerkship Program. Successful candidates will advance our diversity and inclusion mission at the Medical School and become prospects for academic training programs for internship and residency at the University of Chicago Medicine. More information about diversity and inclusion at University of Chicago Medicine is available here:

University of Chicago Medicine is a nationally recognized academic center offering cutting edge clinical care to communities on the south side of Chicago as well as to patients referred from regional and national sources. University of Chicago Medicine is located in one of Chicago’s most diverse communities, Hyde Park.

Program Details

As with all visiting students, eligible participants must be full-time, fourth year medical students in good standing at LCME-accredited US medical schools; third-year students who have completed their core clerkships in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and obstetrics are also eligible to apply.

Mentoring and Networking

UiM Visiting Clerks participants are assigned a faculty advisor and offered opportunities to network with other University of Chicago faculty, interns, residents and students. 

Financial Assistance

The program will pay a $2,000 stipend to students to support costs associated with participation. Participants who complete their rotation will be paid at the end of the rotation. 


Short-term housing may be available to accommodate qualified students while they are at the University. Applicants who qualify include medical students from another city doing a medical rotation at University of Chicago Medicine for a month. More information about this short-term housing resource, visit here

Available Rotations

Anesthesia & Critical Care


  • Otolaryngology
  • General Surgery
    • Endocrine surgery
    • Minimally-Invasive Surgery
    • Breast Surgery
    • Surgical Oncology/Hepatobiliary
    • Colorectal Surgery


  • Cardiology Consults
  • Clinical Dermatology
  • Endocrinology Consults
  • Clinical Gastroenterology
  • Hematology Oncology Consults
  • Infectious Disease Consults
  • Nephrology Consults
  • Pulmonary Consults
  • Rheumatology Outpatient Consults
  • Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Orthopedic Surgery


  • Infectious Disease
  • Gastroenterology
  • Pulmonology
  • Rheumatology
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Mother Baby Unit (previously General Care Nursery)
  • Neurology
  • Inpatient Hematology/Oncology
  • Endocrine

    Program Length & Rotation Dates

    Clerkships are four to five weeks in length total, or for a full calendar month. Meaning, you may select two 2-week clerkships or one clerkship for the entire duration. The clerkship academic year runs from July 1 through June 30, annually. Most clinical electives begin on the first weekday of each month. 

    Requirements & Application

    This is initiative is aimed at fourth-year medical students who have been traditionally underrepresented in U.S. medical schools, including those who identify as Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native Americans (American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians), and Asian (Hmong, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Filipino)

    • Applicants must submit all required items through VSAS in addition to completing the UiM Visiting Clerkship student application.
    • The UiM Visiting Clerkship Program application should be downloaded, completed and saved, and then uploaded into VSAS and assigned to University of Chicago. You must apply for the MVCP 99000 Minority Visiting Clerkship Program Elective, in addition to the elective you are requesting. 
    • Do not forget to upload your Step1 Score. 
    • The completed VSAS and UiM Visiting Clerkship Program application should be submitted at least three months prior to the desired rotation.
    • Students must apply to electives at least 37 days prior to their requested rotation date.

    The VSAS application requires the following:

    • Transcript
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Immunization Form
    • Photo
    • Scholarship Clerkship Application Form
    • USMLE Step I Scores

    Contact us

    For questions about the program, please contact the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine at